Neurodiversity Superpowers Podcast Episode Library

1. Introduction to the Neurodiversity Superpowers Podcast

2. Gail Kraft: Dyslexic Super Coach

3. Jennifer Mason: ADHD Super Comedian and Acupuncturist

4. The Interview that started it all with Dan Mangena

5. Tim B Green: ADHD Super Inventor

6. Tiffany Taylor: ADHD/OCD Super Coach

7. Jennie Bellinger: ADHD Super Sales Coach

8. Carol Williams: Nerurodiversity Super Life Coach

9. Ana Melikian: Dyslexia Super Coach

10. Olive Hickmott: Dyslexia, ADHD Super Coach and Neurodivergent Advocate

11. Frank King: Depressive Super Comedian and Speaker Coach

12. Jackie Woodside, ADD, Depression, PTSD Super Conscious Living Coach

13. David Henzel, Aphantasia Super Entrepreneur

14. Peter Sandeen: Autistic Super Marketer