Tim B Green, ADHD Super Inventor

Tim is a lifelong inventor, and student of everything.

He lives in Japan while helping business leaders and their senior leadership use their brains better. He teaches them to use simple modern & ancient techniques that are verified by cognitive neuroscience.

He also just happens to have ADHD, which he only discovered at the end of his B.Sc. in Psychology Neuroscience while doing his 4th year term paper.

He is very passionate about science, success, and helping people achieve their ikigai through scientific principles.

The Interview that started it all with Dan Mangena

This is a replay of the interview I did with Dan Mangena on The Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast back on July 26th, 2021.

I was interviewing successful people to learn what they were doing that I could learn from.

Dan’s answer to “How are you awesome?” was “Asperger’s.” I had never thought of neurodiversity as a source of success, and this answer started me down a line of thought and inquiry that eventually led to this show.

Dan has a lot of wit and wisdom to share, and you’ll get a lot out of this interview, but I particularly wanted to share it because it goes back to the roots of this venture.

Gail Kraft: Dyslexia Super Coach

Gail Kraft, motivational speaker, podcaster, author of The Empowering Process, and Empowerment Master runs retreats and seminars offering various approaches for accessing self-awareness, focus, and emotional balance for healthier and happier living.

Dyslexia has allowed Gail to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, letting her go full force when she decides to take a risk. She no longer cares about judgement from others, as she has learned that is their issue, not hers.