The Neurodiversity Superpowers Podcast with Michael Whitehouse is here!

We are changing the narrative on neurodiversity!
This show will highlight people who are successful because of (not in spite of) their unique brain configuration.

In his research for the show, host Michael Whitehouse has found a very negative, tragic tone around neurodiversity. The focus is mostly on how hard it is, the weaknesses, the challenges, the disability.

But what about the super-ability?

In his work as The Guy Who Knows a Guy, a networking coach and professional connector, Michael has met dozens of highly successful entrepreneurs who are successful because of not in spite of their neurodiversity. We’re not talking about successful in overcoming their condition. We’re talking successful like two commas in their bank accounts, speaking on multiple TEDx stages, and other kinds of success that make people say “how can I get some of what they have?”

What made him finally decide it was time to launch this show was realizing that his own ADHD, which he had always though of as a hinderance was actually the source of his ability to build a six-figure business as a networker and connector.

It’s time to stop thinking of neurodiverse people as broken, disordered, and disable.

It’s time to think of them as uniquely powerful!

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