David Henzel, Aphantasia Super Entrepreneur

David Henzel is the CEO of Upcoach and a veteran entrepreneur who has been building in the saas and e-com space for over 20 years. He had multiple exits, including MaxCDN.

His passion is to help individuals and their organizations reach their full potential.

Aside from Upcoach (Coaching Delivery System), he has a small portfolio of companies including LTVplus, (Outsourcing for e-commerce & saas), TaskDrive (Sales Development), Shortlist.io (Digital Marketing Agency), and his passion project Managing Happiness (Peak Performance Group Coaching for entrepreneurs)

Aphantasia is a Superpower

David credits some of his success to his neurodiversity. He has aphantasia, which allows him to disconnect from the stress that many entrepreneurs feel when riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster. He says it makes him PTSD-proof. 

What is Aphantasia?

David’s aphantasia makes it so that he can’t recreate images, sounds, tastes, smells, or emotions in his head. So, basically, once a stressful moment has passed, the emotion associated with it is gone. It can’t creep back up and make him anxious again. The memory of the event is there, but not the emotion.

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